Some Facts about me

  • Norwegian, in New York.
  • Happily married to the most caring and loving husband in the world, he supports and encourages me and I wouldn’t be where I am today without him.
  • Love animals and I have been around them most of my life.
  • Love chocolate. Mostly Norwegian chocolate.
  • Love learning, and the best part is that there is never an end to how much you can learn!

Hi, I’m Ida. I am the face behind Winterbird, which is all about the beautiful art of lettering by hand. I post my lettering every day on Instagram, and I run the HappyLetteringChallenge together with lovely Tyra and Chrystal.


I wish to share my passion and my knowledge about the hand lettering arts. I hope to spread inspiration, love and happiness through my work.

About my Journey

  • Grew up in Norway, in a creative family
  • Tried and enjoyed calligraphy and painting from an early age
  • Went to school learning Graphic Design and Communication
  • Started my own creative business on my 18th birthday
  • Studied Graphic Design at a University in Norway
  • Started working in one of Oslo’s graphic design firms, as a trainee
  • Graduated as a Graphic Designer
  • Promoted to CEO of the design firm
  • Graduated as Master Craftsman 

(Continued below pictures)

My Early Work

Early 2000: This is some early tries of calligraphy that I did sometime in the early 2000’s.

Painting with Aquarelle in 2006

2006: Practiced painting with Aquarelle watercolour. Summer in peaceful northern Norway.

Scan calligraphy from approximately 2011

2011: This is calligraphy I did in approximately 2011. It’s made with a Flat Pen for a greeting card. (Translation: We wish you luck today and for your future)

January 2016: Sometime late 2015 I jumped into Brush Lettering. And by January 2016 I started practice every day.

(My Journey Continued)

  • Rediscovered my hand lettering love in late 2015
  • Started practice every day, and opened my Instagram account
  • Practiced, learned more about the different hand lettering styles, and grew my Instagram
  • Started the Happy Lettering Challenge in July 2016, which received great response
  • Honored to have Tyra join the Happy Lettering Challenge in September and Chrystal joining in December
  • Relaunched in February 2017 with an updated Letter Library (2.0), and more exciting features.
Happy Lettering Challenge

The Happy Lettering Challenge is a Montly Hand Lettering (any style) challenge on Instagram. The Challenge is run by Ida, Tyra and Chrystal.

Visit me on Instagram where I post lettering art every day!

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