I have collected a bunch of common asked questions right here, hopefully to help you get a fast answer for things you might be wondering about. If you still can not find what you are looking for, you can always shoot me a message.

Custom Lettering

I do all sorts of custom lettering on demand. The possibilities are pretty much endless, and I got a lot of experience in different types of designs and mediums, just contact me if you are after something special and I am sure we can create something beautiful together!

Custom Lettered Name: Place the order on my website. It's a simple form where you fill out the name and preferred lettering style.

Other Custom Lettering orders: Send me an email or Instagram direct message with some more information and I will give you a quote. What is the intended use? How many do you need? Colors? (And if so, what which?) How do you want the finished lettering delivered? (Digitally or shipped?) How fast do you need it done? Do you have a budget?

What pen did you use?

For every lettering post I make on Instagram the description will tell exactly what pen(s) and supplies I used. I list them in order, starting with what I used first. If I somehow forgot to mention it, please comment in the post and I will get it fixed as soon as I can.

When did you start lettering?

It has been a long process, and difficult to pin exact the date or time. I have been curious about the arts of writing in various forms since I was young. I have also been lucky enough to get a few classes on relating subjects through my education. You can read more here on the About-page.

Whats the best way to start learning to letter?

There is mainly one way to learn, and that is through loads of practice. Practice a little bit every day, that is the key. There is always other ways to help you, but ultimately you have to put in the hours yourself to some good old learning by doing. I suggest to practice with a Lettering Challenge or two, for example Happy Lettering Challenge.

Whats your favorite pen?

This is a little more complicated to answer, so I made a separate post to answer this question, take a look here!

I have also gathered a whole collection of supplies and information about them, here's my favorites: