Hi, I’m Ida. I am the face behind Winterbird, which is all about the beautiful art of lettering by hand. You can now join me on Patreon for unique behind-the-scenes content, special benefits and much more!

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The Unique Book of Brush Lettering by Winterbird

The Unique Book of Brush Lettering is a brand new, handcrafted brush lettering book, made to educate and inspire your creativity through brush lettering.

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[…] This book combined with its educational sources, fun and beginner-friendly projects, and cheery tone makes this a great buy for those starting with brush lettering

Peggy Dean @thepigeonletters

[…] I love the flaps, the pop-outs, and the different types of paper included! It’s not only helpful and functional, but also super fun!! A truly unique book.

Chrystal @chrystalizabeth

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The Unique Book of Brush Lettering by Winterbird

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