Peggy Dean | The Unique Book of Brush Lettering

The Unique Book of Brush Lettering is full of the fundamentals of brush lettering. It’s the perfect size to have sitting above a journal as an easy and immediate reference. The unique layout of the book holds tiny surprise interactions for the reader that makes the entire experience that much more enjoyable. Ida includes samples of professional paper so that the reader can refer back to these pages when making buying decisions in the future. All in all, this book combined with its educational sources, fun and beginner-friendly projects, and cheery tone makes this a great buy for those starting with brush lettering.

Chrystalizabeth | The Unique Book of Brush Lettering

I love this unique brush lettering book so much!! It has so much information, examples, and samples included!! I’m honestly blown away with how much thought and work was put into it. As a consumer and lettering enthusiast, I’d be 110% sold if I saw this book at a bookstore like Barnes and Noble! Seriously!! I love the flaps, the pop-outs, and the different types of paper included! It’s not only helpful and functional, but also super fun!! A truly unique book.

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Caroline | Custom Order

I was looking to hire a professional to help design some T-shirts on a very short time line. I came across Winterbird on Instagram and loved their work. I immediately reached out to them and asked if they would be interested in my design job. They were and I couldn’t be happier with the process and the results! Ida (from Winterbird) was so easy to work with and she went above and beyond with the task and delivered much more than what I originally asked for! I can’t wait to see the designs on T-shirts and would 100% recommend their work and service. If I ever need more designs in future, I will definitely reach out to Ida of Winterbird! Highly recommend! 

Naina | The Unique Book of Brush Lettering

Beautifully handcrafted lettering must have book. I love all the details. So much is covered with such precision. Highly highly recommend. My order came so fast, super thrilled and happy. Worth every penny. Thank you Ida ♥️

Jewelhed | The Unique Book of Brush Lettering

Just got my bookfrom my PO Box, expected to pick it up earlier but it’s been a busy week. I loveall the detail work in this little book. Will treausre this on my handlettering journey. Thanks Winterbird!!

Jump Start Flourishing by Winterbird

Sumire | Jump Start Guide to Flourishing

It definitely has given me much more insight and confidence in flourishing now!

Winterbird's Jump Start Guide to Brush Lettering Kit

Annabell | Complete Brush Lettering Kit

My experience with this shop was nothing less than perfect! @Winterbird was extremely kind and put a lot of effort into making my gift to my sister. She caters extremely well to her customers and left my sister extremely satisfied! Shipped on time, great customer service, and great value for items!! I loved it!

Jump Start Flourishing by Winterbird

Tanya | Jump Start Guide to Flourishing

[…] Easy to understand and follow. The worksheet are perfect to practice with. Not overwhelming like other books can be. I also love how I have the option to print it out and also have it on my iPad so I am able to use the worksheets in Procreate. It is definitely a must have!

Jump Start Flourishing by Winterbird

Beatriz | Jump Start Guide to Flourishing

This is a great guide to learn how and where to add flourishes. All the basics are explained in a ‘super easy to follow’ way. And what I like the most, it is full of examples that you can practice and apply to your own lettering. I am sure I will use it a lot for reference in my future pieces! 🙂

Linz | The Basics of Brush Lettering

This is such a high quality and informative book! Ida was so helpful and quick to answer my questions about pens too. I am so looking forward to learning more and practicing my lettering skills. Thank you!

Shelly | The Basics of Brush Lettering

Very informative book with worksheets for practice… nice!

Anna | The Basics of Brush Lettering

Just an amazing book ~ so brilliantly thought out, such clear instructions, illustrations, brush stroke directions and tons of space to practice with the sample lettering. Truly a wonderful and visually beautiful hand lettering training book. If you want to perfect your letter art, this is the best practice and instruction book, written, designed and produced by a master artist and gifted teacher.

Kensgaltami | The Basics of Brush Lettering

Good quality, great for beginners. Shows basics such as how to hold the pen, link to print more practice pages, arrived in very good time!

Dallen | The Basics of Brush Lettering

This book is ABSOLUTELY amazing! It is helping me so much with my hand lettering and I will DEFINITELY recommend this book to all my friends and penpals on instagram and around the town! Thank you so much Ira! I am so in love with this book ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ashley | The Basics of Brush Lettering

I love this book! I’ve been struggling with specific letters and I learned a whole new way to use pressure with my brush pens. I’m just thrilled!

Winterbird's Jump Start Guide to Water Brush Lettering Kit

Truckmomma2 | Water Brush Lettering Kit

I love it !!! I got so many goodies and really well explained tips awesome

Winterbird's Jump Start Guide to Brush Lettering Kit

Truckmomma2 | Complete Brush Lettering Kit

For 79.00 this is amazing you get everything you need to get started with quality products so happy I got this

Digital Lettering COMBO Style 7 Procreate Brush and Practice Sheet

Ashley | Alphabet Practice Sheets (Style 7 Digital)

Absolutely love this product! The brush is amazing and I’ve already noticed a huge transformation in my lettering.

Little Duckling - hand made font

Julie | Little Ducking (Font)

A really lovely, versatile font. Perfect for all types of lettering projects. I’ve been looking for a font with the true brush lettering style that this font has, for ages. I’m so happy to finally find it! THANKS

Little Duckling - hand made font

Myriam | Little Ducking (Font)

A beautiful font!
Make sure to turn on all Open Type features to really see this shine. It’s always fun to have fonts that adjust while you write and this one was programmed beautifully. There are many subtle ligatures, that make the handwritten effect realistic. End Swashes, entry strokes, alternatives, oh and you get the cutest little heart with ‘ ‘+'<‘+’3’.
You can really tell how much time and love was put into this font.

Little Duckling - hand made font

Schnuggi | Little Ducking (Font)

What an adorable font.
It looks like a brush lettering.
Love it.

Little Duckling - hand made font

Debbie | Little Ducking (Font)

What a beautiful font! Simple to install, and simple to use.

January 2017 Happy Lettering Practice Sheet

Letter Be Wild | HLC Practice Sheets (Jan, 2017)

Fantastic practice sheets!!! Will definitely recommend to me Lettering Friends ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Alphabet Style 4 Mockup – Cover

aNNa | Alphabet Practice Sheets (Style 7)

Great practice sheets!!! Very beautiful letters, perfect size for small brush pens practice such as the Fudenosuke. Very good price too!! I’m so glad!