6 Halloween Lettering Styles

Halloween can be so much fun and filled with creativity. Halloween is probably the most creative holiday with how we dress up and decorate. Here are six fun and different styles of lettering fit for Halloween.

1: “Broken Edges” Lettering

Inspired by rotten and broken trees, this style features letters where parts of them are “broken” or teared off.

2: “Blood Drip” Lettering

Halloween is full of gore, blood and slime, and your letters can also be! Make sure that the liquid is running the same direction.

3: “Skeleton” Lettering

Skeleton lettering is another fun style, but made out of bones. Note how I changed up a little how the bones are stacked on the two different ‘E’s. Try keeping the sizes of the bones relatively close to each other.

4: “Extra Serif” Lettering

This serif style is inspired by creepy insects and spiders. The serifs are extra long and thin to imitate various parts of bugs and spider legs. Some of them are straight and some are more or less curled.

5: “Ghost” Lettering

Finally, we have the very popular Ghost lettering (also known as Shadow Lettering or Invisible Lettering). 

Watch one of my ghost lettering video posts on Instagram.

How to Invisible Lettering by Winterbird

Learn how to make Ghost Lettering.

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