Pro Members

Letter Library

Access the library of letters (for Pro Members only).

Letter Library

Monthly Practice

Monthly downloadable practice sheet included in your Pro Membership.

Practice sheet

Guide Maker Tool

Create, print and download your own custom guide sheets.

Guide Tool

Hashtag Tool

Organise and find hashtags.

Hashtags tool

Please note that all Pro Members are encouraged to move over to Patreon, our new platform. Patrons get access to all the Pro Members rewards, but there are also new rewards and content that you will only find on Patreon.

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If you are already a Pro Member and are signing up to Patreon, just send me a message as you sign up and I will make sure you are fully moved over to Patreon and that you will not be charged double after swapping. I can also issue a refund on your last month as Pro Member so that you don’t have to pay twice for one month. I am here to help!