Arteza Premium Metallic Markers

Arteza Metallic Glass Markers

Average glass markers with a basic set of colors and varying opacity.

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Arteza Paint Markers comes in eight different colors, covering most basics color-needs: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Blue, Red, Pink/Magenta, Purple, and Green. I wish there was a white pen in the package, but you can use the silver in its stead in most cases.

Arteza Metallic Glass Markers

Arteza claim on their website that the “markers are waterproof, fade resistant and quick drying for superior results”. I can vouch for their fade resistance and the quick dry, but from my tests, they are NOT waterproof. The pens packaging itself does not mention wither or not they are waterproof so it was a little bit confusing. I hope they will correct their site and I also hope they will mention this on the packaging in the future. That said, I am very happy with the markers not being permanent on non-porous surfaces because it makes them in my opinion much more usable and I don’t feel the same “pressure” of having to make it right on the first try. You can just wipe it off and try again.

Arteza Metallic Glass Markers

One more thing I wish to mention is, what seems to me, a slight difference in ink quality in the different pens. I find this issue amongst most glass markers I have tried so it seems to be a common issue. For example, the blue pen is really “strong”, vibrant and opaque, but the purple is much more “soft” with a more see-through quality.

All in all, I like Arteza’s Metallic Glass Markers set and they perform like most other glass markers but can often be found with a really good discount which is great. They are fun and easy to use but they are not flawless in my opinion.

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