Arteza Expert Watercolor Pencils

Arteza Expert Watercolor Pencils by

Vibrant and a great variety of colors.

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Arteza’s Expert Watercolor Pencils are both vibrant and also comes with a great variety of colors. I have tried these watercolor pencils on regular copy-paper, watercolor paper, and kraft paper and they work nicely on all. However, if you want to blend them by adding water I highly recommend that you use some watercolor paper for best effect.

You can achieve beautiful colors and blends with the Arteza Expert Watercolor Pencils alone but the best effect and smooth transitions are achieved from adding a bit of water and making them blend just like watercolors does. If you want to use the Watercolor Pencils alone I recommend that you use multiple color tones to create smoother transitions.

Artwork created with the Expert Watercolor Pencils

Here’s a few examples of some of the lettering I created with Arteza’s Expert Watercolor Pencils.

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