Brause Bandzug Calligraphy Nib

Brause Bandzug Calligraphy Nib

Great choice for Italic Scripts, Traditional Western Calligraphy and Gothic/Blackletter Scripts.

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The Brause Bandzug Nib is the same nib I used when I started learning Italic Calligraphy Scripts as well as English Half Uncials. This is the nib that my calligraphy teacher back then recommended for us, and it’s still the nib I would recommend for these types of scripts.

Brause Bandzug Nib comes in a variety of sizes, from very broad (5mm) to super tiny (0.5mm).

I mainly focus on more Modern Calligraphy/Lettering, so that is why you probably don’t see me using these nibs a lot – However they are still great for their usage. I highly recommend these nibs if you are looking to do Italic Scripts, Traditional Western Calligraphy or Gothic/Blackletter Scripts.

Scan calligraphy from approximately 2011

This is calligraphy I did in approximately 2011 using Brause Bandzug Calligraphy Nib. This calligraphic style is called English Half Uncial.

I made this piece for a greeting card. (Translation: We wish you luck today and for your future.)

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