Cedar Markers Chalk Markers

Cedar Markers Chalkboard Markers 02

Super vivid, liquidy, smooth, dust free and easily erasable Chalk Markers that makes it even more fun with lettering and drawing on Chalkboard.

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I have personally been using the Chalk Markers from Cedar Markers for quite some time now, and I am very happy about them.

With the 18 set of Cedar Markers Chalk Markers you get:

  • 18 Chalk Markers with reversible tips – bullet and chisel
  • 48 Chalkboard Labels
  • Tip changing-Tweezer
  • 3 Wine Glass Markers

Cedar Markers’ Chalk Markers comes with beautiful and vivid colors giving you give you endless possibilities!

Make sure you use a 100% Non-Porous Chalkboard with your Liquid Chalk Markers.

Artwork created with the Cedar Markers Chalk Markers

Here’s a few examples of some of the lettering I created with the Cedar Markers Chalk Markers.

Cleaning the Chalkboard

One of the questions I get asked is about cleaning up after using the Chalk Markers. Here is what I do, and it is easy!

  1. Make sure to have a piece of paper towel or some cloth.
  2. Apply a little bit of water.
  3. Wipe!

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