Arteza Dry Erase Markers

Arteza Dry Erase Markers Review by Winterbird

Good size and variety of colors.

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I use these Arteza Dry Erase Markers together with my Arteza Dry Erase Lapboards.

The Dry Erase Markers comes with a nice variety of 12 different colors and (depending on which set you get) comes with 2 or more pens of each color. This means I could have one set of colors and boards at work and one at home – it worked perfectly for me.

Arteza Dry Erase Markers has fine bullet point tips. Please note that this is “Fine Tip” relative to other whiteboard markers and can not compare to other “Fine Tip” pens meant for paper. These fine tips will give you 2-3 mm strokes. I personally love the size of them and find that it’s easier to achieve good looking handwriting with these markers on whiteboard compared to traditional bullet pen and paper. 

Artwork created with the Dry Erase Markers

Here’s a few examples of some of the lettering I created with Arteza’s Dry Erase Markers.

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