Stationary Island Brush Pens

A neat set of bristled brush pens.

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Stationary Island Brush Pens are “real brush” brush pens or bristle brush pens, similar to the Kuretake ZIG Real Brush Clean Color. They are available in 4 different packs of 6 colors, one pack for each season, as well as a 24 color pack. The tip shape and quality, and the flow of ink is very similar to Kuretake’s pens.

I have tested their “summer” color set, which includes a good set of bright and full colors. I would prefer both the green and the blue to be a little lighter, but it is a good set.

Stationary Island is unfortunately not available in any of the stores I usually go to, but they are available from Stationary Island’s own website. The price for a set of 6 pens is less than $10.

Color Chart

Stationary Island Brush Pens (Summer) Color Chart

PS: There are more colors available.

Artwork created with the Brush Pens

Here’s a few examples of some of the lettering I created with Stationary Island’s Brush Pens.

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