Sneak Peak Inside My Home Workspace

Winterbird Home Office

A Tour in Winterbird's Home Craft Workspace

A Tour in Winterbird's Home Craft Workspace

This is a little tour of my home office space. I will give you an exclusive look at some of the essentials I keep in this workspace and why. Let’s dive in.

Recording setup

I get a lot of questions about which equipment I use for recording, so I thought we might as well take a look at that first. These are simply my opinions based on how I prefer to produce my lettering videos, so you might have other preferences and styles.

This may seem strange but, I believe that having the right camera stand is the single most important piece for your recording setup, at least if you are doing video that needs the camera to be completely stable. Other things are also important, but without a good stand for your camera, everything you do could turn out shaky and bad. This tripod is, from what I know, the best solution to your lettering videos! It can be positioned to hold a camera perfectly over your table, all the while standing on the floor instead of your table which means less shake in your videos. It also comes with a head that can be rotated exactly to your needs giving you the angle you want. It’s perfect!

The second most important piece of equipment is light. If you time it well, have good weather and windows you can just use natural light, which is the best! If however, you will be recording in a place without good enough natural light or with too many shadows, you will need some light. I have two softboxes that are giving me all the light I need. These lights also allow me to control any shadows. A good alternative to softboxes are the Ring Lights. I know a lot of people who are really happy with them and I would possibly have gotten them if I were looking for light today. The Ring Light is smaller than a lightbox and you just need one. From my research, this is the best ring light to get.

If you want to use a tripod with your phone you will need an additional Phone Holder to secure your phone to the tripod. If you have a camera like a DSLR or similar you shouldn’t need anything in addition. But, as always, check what your tripod can hold.

Winterbird Home Office

When trying to fit all your awesome stuff in a small space, every millimeter is important.


A table and someplace to store the crafty good stuff is the foundation of my home workspace. Like most home craft spaces, mine has limited space available so making good use of the space and function is of the essence!

This little table has been my friend for a good while now. I love it for its flexibility in size (3 sizes), it’s beautiful bright birch wood and texture and for those clever drawers on the sides (total of 6 drawers). When the table is folded down on both sides it takes almost no space at all and still can contain your supplies. On the negative side, the legs of the table might get in the way depending on where you want to sit and how you want to use it.

At the time I purchased this studio tower I did not find many options unless I wanted to get started creating something myself. Today there are even more (and cheaper) options if you are looking for craft storage. I like the studio tower for the number of things you can store in one neat space and for being able to display all my inks and watercolors specifically. However, while is plenty of space, there are very limited options for pen storage.

Winterbird Home Office

Having all your supplies at the ready is so important, because you never know when creativity hits you. The best idea in the world can come to you at any point and you don’t want to lose it!

Additional Organizers

I use two of these file organizers to store and organize my papers and paper pads. It is really handy to be able to sort the different types of paper and it is adjustable in height. Simple and effective.

I use these simple wooden pen holders to keep my most used pens like: my prefered shading pen, fineliners, white gel pen, gold and silver markers, water brush pen, brush, ruler, scissors and more.

One of my most precious pens is the Apple Pencil. It’s an expensive pen and to keep it safe I use a handy stand designed for it. This stand keeps the pen tip from harm and also makes sure I always know where it is.

Winterbird Home Office

My most used pens need to be easy to get to and make me want to use all the beautiful colors. 

Essential Supplies

A good cutting mat is useful for more than just cutting. I also use it if I need some additional padding beneath the paper I am working on, or if I just want to make sure I am not damaging (or spilling inks and paints on) my table.

I wouldn’t want to be without my metal ruler. With a metal ruler you can cut along the ruler without ruining it, not to mention that it can last forever.

I have one of these sturdy and everlasting light boxes, and it really is a big help when you are working and improving your lettering, layer by layer.

What kind of workspace do you have? 
How do you keep your pens and inks organized?
Please comment below!

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